Satisfying Style through Social Media: A Pinteresting Perspective


Before social media, we had to rely on our trusty magazines for fashion help. Nowadays, our fashion cravings are satisfied through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which provide a far more efficient way of keeping pace with what’s happening in the fashion sphere. We are fans of our favorite brands’ Facebook pages; for a constant stream of style we follow brands, designers, and fashion bloggers on Twitter; and we browse Instagram to see what’s trending amongst our friends. Social media has become the fashionista’s greatest friend, enabling us to engage in real time with what we are passionate about – in a way traditional fashion media never could.

The effect of social media on fashion culture is not a new topic. Nevertheless it’s fascinating to see how each new innovation affects our interaction and consumption of fashion.  The most recent in a flurry of social media startups altering our relationship with fashion culture is the photo-sharing (relative) newcomer Pinterest, an online social network that allows you to upload images (”pins”) to a virtual thematic pinboard.

Pinterest enables us to create our own fashion culture and as such, we become trend-setters in our own right. By sharing our fashion acumen/creative expression with the world, Pinterest creates a proactive consumer culture whereby fashion is not dictated by the fashion mavens, but derived from the everyday person. Although late in the game, fashion brands have recently started joining Pinterest to engage with us on a social level. In turn, we can browse a brand’s pinboard instead of spending time on the corporate website.

The old fashion axiom, “everything old is new again,” holds true. Modern media has allowed us to choose whether we are members of the tribe following others’ styles, or unique individuals feeding our need for creative expression through our own unique fashion.

For those looking for an “original” approach to fashion & lifestyle, check out these creative DIY Pinterest accounts/boards:

Stacie Grissom – Inspiration for your inner fashion designer, this board showcases the world of women’s “do-it-yourself” fashion. Try this one at home!

Man Made DIY – For all you guys out there, this collection of male-centric style will be sure to get you digging through your tool kit and re-evaluating your wardrobe.

We Wore What – For those of you not so into the wonderful world of DIY, check out blogger We Wore What’s page, for inspiration of all sorts (even nail-spiration!).

Hope you found this Pinteresting!