Client Profile: Starting a new job? Getting a promotion? Changing industries or geographic locales? Feeling frumpy and out of of date, and just need a professional wardrobe tune-up? The importance of dressing the part cannot be overstated in the professional realm. Studies show that people who look polished and sharp are perceived as more competent and rewarded accordingly in the workplace.  Looking good isn’t just about vanity — it’s also about financial and professional reward.

Image Goals: Learn how you’re being perceived and create a context-appropriate wardrobe and overall aesthetic that appeals to your target audience, but still feels like you.  Learn to balance the line between individual expression and group identity in the workplace.  Construct a cohesive wardrobe with pieces that work together holistically and eliminate the stress of deciding what to wear each morning.  Save time and money by purchasing fewer items: invest in pieces that fit properly, learn to tailor and care for them as needed, and wear them for years.  Learn to accessorize in a no-fuss way that radiates sophistication, not trendiness.


Client profile:  Want to feel more confident when you go out?  Are you single, recently divorced, or just looking to refresh the relationship you’re already in? Fine-tuning your personal aesthetic can allow you to connect and reconnect with people — and human connection is the number one source of personal happiness.

Image goals: Boost confidence and attraction by building a solid wardrobe of items that highlight your best features, radiate personality and flair, and send a message of sexy elegance.  Stop making impulse purchases and learn to think of your look and your closet as a singular image, not hundreds of individual items that don’t go together or serve you.  Eliminate “Nothing To Wear” syndrome from your life.

Physical Transformation

Client Profile: Did your body size recently change?  Are you pregnant or are you adjusting to a post-baby body? Have you dealt with an illness that has induced physical transformations? Do you find that your body has shifted with age and finding the right look is more of a challenge? The human body is in a constant state of flux — we are constantly evolving physical creatures.  What worked for you at 25, doesn’t work at 50.  And life changes, like having a baby or experiencing some sort of physical trauma, radically transforms not only your body, but the type of image you’re projecting.

Image Goals:  Work with the challenges and limitations of your body and life stage to develop a powerful personal aesthetic that feels fresh and comfortable, but never forced. Learn tricks and tips for playing up your assets and shifting attention away from problem areas. Stop aimlessly shopping and instead find styles, brands, and stores that cater to your particular needs. Reap the rewards of the mental transformation and sense of empowerment that accompanies your renewed, more conscious image.

Respective images: Alex GabanyMaxim Erased, Bill Brandt