How does it work?

Check out our image consultinglife coaching, and style school descriptions to better understand the process we’ll take you through as you undergo this transformation. Then contact us to have a personal conversation about your specific needs. 

Who are your clients? I'm not a celebrity — do I really need a stylist? I'm not depressed — do I really need a life coach?

We work with real people — professionals just like you, many of whom are undergoing some sort of transition or just need a personal refresh. Review our client profiles and testimonials. Knowing your strengths, understanding your audience, and attuning yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally transforms not only you mental state, but also your success and overall happiness.  

When it comes to personal image, looking polished matters! It actually sends a very powerful message: studies have proven that people who present a sharp, polished appearance are perceived as more competent — and this can lead to more opportunities, more confidence, and more financial reward.

When it comes to a life coach: Why settle for a life that is mediocre or just "ok"? Enlist a partner to help you optimize and fine-tune your well-being to flourish, not just get by. 


Why should I choose you over another stylist?

Anna Akbari is not just another fashionista — she’s “the thinking person’s stylist.”  Working with Anna will help you become more conscious of the way you’re self-presenting, and that knowledge empowers clients as they move through the various contexts of their lives. In addition to revamping your wardrobe, you’ll also become more aware of the social significance of your personal visual self-presentation and, in the process, rethink who you are and who you want to become.  It’s not about keeping up with trends — it’s about  harnessing the power of aesthetics.


Why should I choose you over another life coach?

Finding a life coach is a personal — and often confusing — decision. You need someone who understands your needs and goals and with whom you can relate. Anna is a self-made professional who approaches life coaching as one-third academic research, one-third personal experimentation, and one-third human guidance and therapeutic connection. After nearly two decades of studying, researching, experimenting, and refining her philosophies, she has distilled them into an action-oriented, results-driven approach to personal life coaching. Contact her and start feeling the life upgrade immediately.  


Are there any packages?

Yes.  We offer several different flexible package options that cater to a range of needs and budgets.  Email us for more details.


Do you create custom package?

While most clients usually benefit from a full package, we are happy to create a custom package to suit your specific needs.


Do you work with men?

Yes!  Many of our clients are men — and their response to the physical, mental, and personal transformation they've undergone via our services has been particularly enthusiastic.


How much would I need to spend on clothes? Do you only shop at expensive stores?

Each person’s needs are different, and a clothing budget is best set after your closet is assessed.  We work with clients on all budgets and can accommodate everything from discount shopping to upscale boutiques.  Our preference is to focus on small, independent designers whenever possible, while still being conscious of price.  Working with us will actually save you money, because you’ll buy fewer overall items and make better investments that work for you and last longer.


Do you do online sessions?

Yes, in fact most sessions are conducted virtually — it's extremely efficient and effective. We use Google Hangout, FaceTime, and Skype.

I have a friend who might be interested. Can we get a discount if we both sign up? Is there a referral discount?

There are referral incentives for existing clients.  If you and a friend both sign up for a Sociology of Style Full Service Package or Life Coaching series at the same time, there is a discount for each additional client.


Where are your clients?

Anna can work in-person with clients in California, but most clients are geographically dispersed and prefer virtual sessions.  Contact us and we’ll talk specifics.


How much does it cost?

Please email us and we’ll give you a complete rundown of our pricing options — there’s a package and price point that’s accessible to most everyone.