Jennifer Deare Founder/CEO Deare Marketing

I first met Anna when I was traveling for business with a suitcase stuffed with a million articles of clothing – because most of the clothes in my wardrobe just didn’t work together. Anna completely changed that nightmare for me two years ago. Her “Closet Catharsis” process truly changed my life for the better!  Now when I travel, for business or pleasure, I just grab a few coordinating pieces that all work in concert and I am off.  I can re-purpose skirts with a variety of blouses, appropriate jewelry and accessories. I can pair blouses with different pants, and accessorize with a slightly different combination of jewelry.  It’s amazing.  No matter what clothing I match up, I always have that stylish, crisp look you see in magazines. And It’s always a look that works for me.
Thankfully, my closet no longer looks like a disaster area, crammed with far too many clothes to compensate for a non-cohesive wardrobe, where few items are compatible with more than one companion item. What’s more, now all of my clothing and accessories look good on me.  I’ve never received so many compliments on how good and “put together” I look.
Now I never need to shop to piece together a mismatched wardrobe.  I just work with Anna each season to augment my wardrobe with the few items I need to update it, and I’m set for the season!
What’s more, Anna is so much fun to be with, fun to shop with and she has become a trusted friend as well!

Jonathan Nunes, Lawyer, partner at Sidley Austin

Working with Anna transformed every aspect of my life. Because of her, I radically changed my eating and exercise habits, losing 12 pounds and dropping several sizes; I threw out most of my clothes and refined my wardrobe into an easy, sophisticated style; I mentally rebalanced and reprioritized my life; and I learned about dozens of resources that I'm now using to optimize the way I live and work.  As a result, I've never looked or felt better. Anna is an invaluable resource -- and she actually makes self-improvement fun (which I didn't know was possible!). 

Rana Rosen Consultant and Writer

I had to unexpectedly travel abroad for work recently. Because I worked with Anna Akbari to recreate my wardrobe this year, I was able to quickly pack a few items of clothing. These few items worked together to create enough outfits that I felt confident for 7 days straight. Thank you Anna!

Malte Barnekow Co-Founder, The 86 Company

I loved using Sociology of Style’s Services! I didn’t realize what shopping really meant until I met Anna. As a guy, I’ll pick up an item or two in a store, try it, buy it (or not) and then call it a day. With Anna’s keen eye, we picked out half the store, tried most of it and came out the door with a dozen items — all perfect and at a 20% discount. But that wasn’t even the best part: Chucking all my unused closet dust gatherers — now THAT was cathartic! I haven’t missed a single piece of clothing that Anna forced me to throw away. (I thought I would, but I didn’t.) And now I’m left with half as many items that I use twice as much. Thanks, Anna!!

Madelyn Ewing Entrepreneur and Developer

Anna Akbari’s clothes remake changed my life! My updated, chic look and cleaned-up closet are testimony to her brilliant, practical approach to personal appearance. Both men and women could benefit from her exceptional guidance.

Mary C. College Administrator

Middle age brings many challenges.  I was feeling—and looking—matronly.  I was bewildered by the current fashion trends which seemed to have no relationship to what I thought looked good on my body.  When I heard about Anna, I was intrigued, but asked her, “Do you work with the post-menopausal set?”  She assured me she did.
She moved through my closet with grace and humor.  We made a huge discard pile.  Shopping—something I don’t enjoy—was really fun.  I pretty much stood in the dressing rooms as she raced around the store bringing all kinds of clothes.  She taught me how to wear new fashions, what brand names were cut for my figure, and the importance of scarves and accessories.   I routinely get compliments on the outfits she helped put together!
In the world of fashion consulting, I am convinced Anna is quite rare.  She not only has a wonderful eye and excellent taste, indefatigable energy, and good sense of humor, but she is an intellectual who understands clothes as part of one’s identity construction.  She connects with her clients on multiple levels.   Working with her was a wonderful gift to me.

Oliver D. Entrepreneur

Before my experience with Sociology of Style I knew neither where to shop nor what to shop for.  The truth is, even if I did, I wouldn’t have done a particularly good job putting it all together.  Or purging my closet of the unflattering clutter I called clothes.  The service provided by Sociology of Style was far more helpful than I imagined.  Anna Akbari got a sense of my preferences (aesthetic and budget), got me to stores that met those desires perfectly (and that I didn’t know existed), and helped me put it all together.  In the end, the experience made for a dramatic improvement in my clothing related life – easier to get myself dressed well, a less cluttered closet, less money wasted on bad clothing choices, and a long-term improvement in my style.  I’ve referred multiple friends for this life upgrade and I’ve heard (and seen) nothing but fantastic results.

Michael M. Business Executive

New York is a city that’s full of people who call themselves stylists, wardrobe consultants, fashionistas, etc., and to be honest, I was always hesitant to use any such person. After all, how can you really know what you’re getting? And even if they are stylish themselves, how do you know that they can dress you?
Well, I am here to tell you, Dr. Akbari is The Real Deal. This woman has a simply unbelievable eye and fashion sense. She stood in front of an endless row of what seemed to me nearly identical items of clothing and then selected a handful with seemingly surgical precision. Moreover, my physique is far from “modelesque,” and she still managed to find a huge number of items that looked great on me. We purchased the very first suit that she selected for me, and after she had it tailored and I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that it was the best-looking suit that I ever owned.
She has an amazing eye for detail and details, encompassing numerous things that are invisible or insignificant to me, but which other people (especially women) most definitely notice. As an example, the weekend after our last shopping trip, 4 different women (strangers) complimented me on the shirts I was wearing. Fair to say, that never happened to me before in my life. Forget the others. This woman is worth your time and money. A unique find.

K. S. Psychologist

Anna has a clear eye for how to use clothes and transform your image to your best advantage. I wanted to transition from suburban mom to (slightly) edgy professional. Anna came to my house, went through every piece of clothing in my closet, and helped me see which pieces worked, which didn’t, and best of all, explained why. We went shopping together and put together a collection of pieces that are simple, elegant, and just a bit edgy and unusual. I consistently get compliments on my clothing — even from strangers!